jack & the beanstalk chair

Breathing life into designs - where furnitures are transformed into living organisms to grow with the user - requires the magic touch of designers. As chair design guru couple Charles and Ray Eames explained, “The details are details: they make the product. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.”

On a similar vein, this 3-in-1 chair set embodies the essence of the Chinese saying, “Vines and melons go together”, visualizing how everything is interrelated and traceable by the same roots, and by extension, karma of causality and intertwined fate befallen everyone. The magic beanstalk might have sprung up overnight, but it germinated from one ordinary seed. The same goes for our desire to grow and transform: as long as we keep going, just like Jack, there will always be treasures awaiting on the journey. Capturing this grandiose Jack and the beanstalk narrative, the designer brings a fantastical backdrop to a form-fitting set of chair, desk and lamp of practical considerations.
Flexibly catering for comprehensive needs, its slender styling has been inspired by the luxuriant and delicate beanstalks to frame its space-saving structure for maximum convenience. Users are welcomed to sit down comfortably with a more intimate working space to stay focused with what is on the round table, while its pair of USB charging sockets compatible with different electronic devices complete this all-in-one compact, thoughtful design.
Any desks would need fitting chairs to pair with - and a desk requires a lighting source to be truly functional. It is thus this combination of the three which makes the most reasonable chair set. In addition to drawers for easy storage and storage, flexible and sufficient lighting, together with ergonomic back support, empowers users and and infuses the otherwise ordinary furniture with the enduring magic of the fairy tale.

Completed in 2019.