the pilot's home

Our client is an airline pilot who flies and travels frequently for his work and as his hobby. Due to the unusual hours of his work and infrequent stay at home, our client wish to create an environment in his apartment that is always part of his continuous journey.

To achieve this we attempt to draw the parallels from his daily professional life, to create a highly organized layout that is un-cluttered and smooth flowing and putting the main focus of the entire flat, regardless of location, onto the spectacular view out to the skyline.

A golden color anodized aluminum mimicking the appearance of an aircraft carrier exterior covers a portion of the living room ceiling and wall.

Whilst the view of the skyline beyond is framed, it is always being continued into the room via the use of material and color palette; a series of white and blue surfaces were picked within the living and study room to create a sense of horizontality in the large volume; a feature lighting installation based on the traditional calligraphy and drawing of a cloud was specifically made, white self-levelling screed is pour throughout the flat to provide a seamless floor surface and create a smooth visual transition between rooms.

Completed in 2012.