causeway education centre

Studying in Hong Kong is very competitive due to the lack of academic institution and therefore, student learning centre is quite common locally in Hong Kong, providing an extra prep time for a better preparation of exams and assignments for the local students out of the school hours. Typically the design of the learning centres look commercialized fully decorated with teachers posters and graphics wrapping all around the space, contrarily our client was expecting for something cosy and relax providing the students a unique learning experience at Causeway Education Centre. Budget is one of the biggest concerns in this project.

The first experience while entering a space is always important; we aimed to sacrifice a huge space for the reception plus waiting area and tuck shop to let the students hanging around before or after class, a long study table is located at the waiting area for doing homework or internet surfing. There are totally 11 classrooms and each of the classrooms named after eminent person such as Einstein, Newton and Aristotle etc. The classrooms are all visible from the corridor through the glass partition in blue metal frameworks. A series of lockers are located along the corridor for the student’s use, they are designed with the corporate colour scheme of blue, wood, black and white.

The only main feature wall at the waiting area is made of a series of linear wood fins protruding the words “Causeway Education” as a backdrop. Secondly, we wanted to create a clean and consistent corridor with the access to all classrooms, and each of the classrooms is labelled with a name instead of numbers. Last but not least, for the education license application purpose the premises needed to comply with some regulation such as the window safety issue, hence balustrades are needed and we tried to follow the existing window design language by creating a school badge-like balustrade in blue.

The main materials used are blue powder coated metals, light oak wood and light grey vinyl flooring. The blue color appears in all details to reflect the institute corporate color scheme with a cosy, young and relax touch of light wooden material as background.

Completed in 2017.